Teacher Testimonials

Teachers & Admin:

Rockey Du Randt.SCIS-HQ Head of School from 2012-2014.

“SCIS can be considered to be like a mini United Nations.  Here we have the wonderful diversity of over 60 nationalities represented within our schools.  Here we can share our many differences and more importantly our many similarities, learning from each in its own turn.  Specifically, as a group of international schools, we share the common goal of a broad multi-cultural and multi-national education.  We grow and learn from each other, share our heritages, and experience new adventure together in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing.”

Don Macmillan. Upper School Principal. SCIS-PD.

“We take the word ‘community’ in our name seriously, consistently defining what we do with this in mind.  A true community is supportive and welcoming, two attributes that help students quickly make the transition here.”

Xerxes Billy Kruger, Middle School Social Studies Teacher.  SCIS-Hongqiao.

“We live in a diverse world, in a diverse city, in a diverse country, and send our children to a diverse school.  Often, those of us who are only here temporarily yearn for home and a return to ‘our culture,’ but remember that there is no greater gift to your family than offering them the experiences afforded to them here.  Relish it whenever you can!”

Rajdeep Rana, Grade 5 Teacher. SCIS-Hongqiao

“I have been at SCIS for almost 7 years now and many things have changed; buildings, soccer field, the addition of the swimming pool and the theater. But one thing here will always stay the same - the bright smiles on not just the students but the teachers.”

Dan Jubert, Head of School, SCIS-Pudong.

“One of my favorite questions to reflect on in the beginning of the year is, “Do your students run in as fast as they run out?”  Undoubtedly, the answer for SCIS is a resounding “YES.” — Dan Jubert, SCIS Pudong Head of School from 2012. 

Sheri De Neef, Lower School Student Support. SCIS-PD.

“The great thing that I love about living and working overseas in a school like SCIS is that the community around you very quickly comes together and becomes your support…your family in the absence of family.  This makes all the changes easier to deal with and brings harmony in a busy place.”