One Computer. One Student.  That Simple.

The One-to-One Ratio

We are a Macintosh campus, and all of our students have continued access to Mac computers.  For Grades Nursery through Five (ages 2-10), Mac-Mini desktop computers are available in our different computers labs and technology centers as well as inside their classrooms.  For Grades Six through Twelve (ages 11-18), MacBook Pro Laptop computers are issued to each student for their personal use both at school and at home.


Dedicated SCIS servers broadcast Wi-Fi covering all the campuses.  Three different Wi-Fi networks are always available: Staff (password protected), Student (password protected), and Guest (non password protected)

Apple Repair Centers

All of our Upper School campuses have Apple authorized repair centers run by One Zero.  Have a problem with your MacBook Pro?  Your iPad?  Your iPod?   Your i-whatever….you can bring it to our knowledgeable computer repair wizards.  They are fully authorized to carry out any and all Apple repairs.  It is the same as walking into an Apple store and going to the Genius Bar.