Partnerships for Learning

SCIS recognizes that creating partnerships for learning establishes a climate of involvement and interaction between our internal and external communities and our schools.  Research in education will confirm a direct correlation between strong community involvement and improved student learning.  These partnerships take many forms, sometimes direct or indirect, and sometimes formal or informal.  The key to all of them though is that they help provide opportunities to students that are just right.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

De Oranje Draak (Dutch School)

De Oranje Draak means “The Orange Dragon” in Dutch.  It is a fully licensed Dutch School that operates on our Shanghai campuses to teach nationals from the Netherlands their mother tongue language.  


The National Football League, the professional league for American Football, has a huge China division headquartered in Shanghai.  The NFL provides many amazing opportunities for the SCIS community.  One of the highlights from 2013-14 was the workshop put on by the New England Patriot Cheerleaders for the Dragon Cheer Team.  


The Shanghai Town and Country Community is the elite country club for families in Shanghai.  SCIS regularly communicates with them to increase opportunities for both of our communities.  One of the highlights is the ice skating rink that is made available to our children for special field trips.   


Through our partnership with New York University in Shanghai, our D1 (Varsity) sports teams have opportunities every year to play games against NYU teams.  The highlight for the 2013-14 year was when our football (soccer) team played World Cup inspired ball against them.

Active Kids Shanghai

“AKS is a community-based organization dedicated to providing quality sports and recreational programs for children of the international community in Shanghai.  Operating as a not-for-profit, AKS works in partnership with volunteers and skilled professional to provide safe, well-run activities that stimulate development of physical and social skills while promoting teamwork, good sportsmanship, individual creativity, self-confidence, and respect for others.”

Sport for Life

“Since 2004 Sport for Life has been consistently delivering the highest form of sports classes for children in Shanghai and Suzhou, working in the premier international schools and compounds we provide sports such as soccer, basketball, dance, and swimming to name a few.

Learning Support

Olivia’s Place

“Olivia’s Place provides world class, multidisciplinary pediatric therapy to children of all abilities and all ages.  World class care for all kids is offered through three major service areas: Pediatric Therapy Series, Educational Outreach, and Foundation Initiatives.

State University of New York

Through a partnership with the Statue University of New York-Buffalo, our teachers are afforded the opportunity to get a Masters in Multidisciplinary Studies at a discounted rate.  


Through a partnership with Nova Southeastern University, our teachers and faculty are afforded the opportunity to get a Doctorate degree at a discounted rate. 

Medical and Nutritional Education


WorldPath Clinic International is a health clinic that operates on the same principles found in the best U.S.A. medical facilities with a headquarter clinic in Pudong, Shanghai.  Their experienced and trained nurses can be found running our on-site clinics at each of our campuses.  

Pure Living

Is an organization that focuses on helping businesses and families find air and water quality solutions.  SCIS purchased $1.5 million USD worth of air filter products and services from them to outfit all of our entire school’s with centralized air filtration system that are guaranteed to keep the air within 1-50 on the USA pollution index scale.

Red Cross

Through the Red Cross organization, our aquatics instructors are able to offer Lifeguard Certification courses as well as Certification courses in First Aid/CPR.

School Athletics and Activities Associations

Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC).

This is the athletic league that our D1 (Varsity) and D2 (Junior Varsity) sports teams play in. For more information, see athletics.

China International School Sports Association (CISSA)

The non-competitive sports league that focuses on skill development and team play is the league that our Middle School Students and Lower School Students participate in athletics in.  For more information, see athletics.

Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools (ACAMIS)

The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) was conceived in 1999 by a few schools in China and Mongolia, SCIS being one of them, that were searching for a way to have their athletic teams participate in post-season tournament play.  Fast forward to 2014, and it has grown tremendously.  ACAMIS hosts events in band, orchestral, choir, drama and visual arts events.  Students and teachers participate in Model United Nations (MUN) debates, Global Issues Network (GIN) sponsored student conferences, chess matches, mathematics competitions, and many more events held throughout the year. 

Additionally, ACAMIS hosts several professional development opportunities for teachers. Prior to 2006, the AGM for heads and athletic activities directors was devoted to writing policy and developing event schedules. In 2006, the agenda was expanded to consider how best to provide professional development for school heads, aspiring heads, business managers, librarians, counselors, athletic directors and arts and culture coordinators. These meeting now have hundreds of registrants and bring in world-renowned speakers for each session. 

East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS)

“The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organization of 141 member schools in East Asia.These schools have a total of more than 101,822 pre-K to 12th grade students. EARCOS also has 162 associate members—textbook and software publishers and distributors, universities, financial planners, architectural firms, insurance companies, youth organizations, etc—and 34 individual members.”

SCIS faculty can be regularly seen attending and contributing to this organization in their pursuit of continued professional development.

Family-School-Community Partnerships

Parents and Friends Association (PAFA)

Founded in May of 1996, the Parents and Friends Association is an organization that conducts various activities, from community events to charity fundraisers to volunteer support for teachers and students.  For more information, please visit the PAFA page on the website.

Vision Textiles

In September of 2013, SCIS was the first school in China to fully commit to green textiles by choosing eco-friendly uniforms made from Waster2Wear® recycled fabrics.  Today SCIS school uniforms help to educate our students about how plastic waste isn’t simply garbage but a viable resource that can be transformed into valuable products if we save them from the landfills and the ocean.  For the 2013-14 school year, 24,700 plastic bottles were recycled into our uniforms.

Community Center of Shanghai

SCIS founded the Hongqiao division of the Community Center of Shanghai (CCS) in 2009.  The purpose of the Community Center is to provide educational and entertainment options for the expatriate community.  To this end, they offer classes, lead tours, conduct counseling services, and contribute to charities.

Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) 

“Building on President Clinton’s longstanding commitment to the environment, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) implements programs that create and advance solutions to the root causes of climate change – while also helping to reduce our reliance on oil, saving money for individuals and governments, creating jobs, and growing economies. CCI, in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), focuses on helping large cities reduce their carbon emissions. Other programs aim to increase energy efficiency through building retrofits; to increase access to clean energy technology and deploy it at the government, corporate, and homeowner levels; and to reverse deforestation by preserving and regrowing forests.”