Community / Alumni

Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon.


As Head of Alumni Relations, I see it as my responsibility to provide as many opportunities for you all to stay in touch both with each other and with the school.  Additionally, I also see it as our role to help you advance your career however possible and to celebrate what you are doing with your lives.  Please continue to read on to learn about the things we already have in place for you as well as a little bit about the Alumni Association itself.


Our Alumni Association was started eight years ago, in 2006, with our first graduating class.  We currently have over 600 members, and it is growing rapidly every year.  While some things change, the purpose of the Alumni Association remains the same: to bring the SCIS family, both previous and current, closer together.

Our Mission:

The SCIS Alumni Association has been established in order to foster the continued cordial relations of the SCIS community.  The Alumni Association seeks to generate and maintain the active interest of all SCIS alumni in its regular business.  It will provide the alumni with regular opportunities to assemble and maintain valued relationships through the promotion of alumni events and communications.

Alumni Requirements:

(1) Graduated from SCIS Hongqiao or SCIS Pudong


(2) Went to school here for at least one year AND be over 18.


Class Notes

To keep the entire community updated, we have a Class Notes section in the Communitas magazine four times per year.  Your class ambassador will help collect these every quarter.  

Alumni Interviews

To highlight a different alumni every month, I interview someone new for each issue of the Communitas magazine.  If you have any recommendations for alumni that should be interviewed, please email


Visiting SCIS

Please come and visit SCIS when you are in Shanghai.  While we always welcome you back on campus, please follow a few guidelines when you visit:

(1) Please make sure to sign-in at the gate first; then, check-in with the Upper School Office.  Remember that we often have new guards who may not know you.

(2) Second, only visit the campus for a specific reason.  One “I’m back in town!” catch up visit is appropriate.  However, frequent and casual visits can be too much of a distraction and interruption to the regular learning environment and school-community life. 

(3) Third, appropriate times to visit are after 3pm, during special events, or by appointment with the principal or vice-principal

Please note these guidelines are not meant to keep you off campus.  In fact, you are welcome to come visit me at any time.  However, these are meant to help you know what is proper etiquette and social conduct. 

Also, be aware that you are role models of the SCIS Mission and Beliefs.  As you are still a part of the SCIS community, you should act in a way that is in accordance with the current Code of Student Conduct when you visit the campus.  There may be changes that you find to your disliking.  Please channel your ideas to other adults rather than rally the students to your cause!


Reunions and Events:

Official Reunions in Shanghai

To continually celebrate your achievement, we host two official Reunions in Shanghai—one in the Winter and one in the Summer.  The date is usually the Friday or Saturday of the last day of each semester.  These are organized and paid for by the Head of Alumni Relations (free food and beverages are provided). 

Global Alumni Tour

The Global Alumni Tour makes stops each year in the Winter/Early Spring in cities that are administrators are visiting for recruiting purposes.  The major cities on the annual list are London, Boston, and San Francisco.  These are organized by you—alumni volunteers—and each person pays their own way. 


Ways to Keep in Touch and Network:

Social Media

To help everyone stay in touch, we currently have Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Please join!


Transcript Requests:

All requests for transcripts should be directed to the Upper School office by:
Phone: +(86 21) 6261-4338
Fax: +(86 21) 6261-4639
Please allow 1 week for the request to be processed.

We hope you find this information is useful, and we hope to see you on campus… soon.  When you check-in, please give us your feedback about how SCIS prepared you for life after SCIS.  If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, we’ll be glad to hear from you.