Dragon’s Lair Gymnasium

Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair!  Our full size gymnasium is known to get loud with school pride during D1 basketball and volleyball games.   With seating to accommodate up to 500 fans, our gymnasiums are proudly known to opponents as a tough place to play.

Football Pitch / All Purpose Fields

Covered with state-of-the-art artificial grass, our fields are “fast” and are always in perfect playing condition.  As the leaves turn orange in the fall, come out to appreciate a rugby game.  Then as the sun comes out in the spring, bring a lawn chair to cheer on the football teams.

Dragon House Swimming Pool

Our half Olympic sized swimming pools are six lanes wide and are equally equipped for competitive racing and swimming lessons.  Swim records proudly hang around the pool.  “Dry land” equipment is available to help with training.  And, in here, the second hand clock is always running.  For are younger and/or beginner swimmers, pool tables, floaties, and swim stroke charts are available to help our dragons feel at home in the water.  Lastly, through our lifeguard and CPR program, we have safety equipment and lifesaving training dummies to practice on.


The two-level amphitheatre style auditoriums found at SCIS are among the finest of any school in the city.  The one at SCIS-HQ was originally built in 2007 and seats 800 while the auditorium at SCIS-PD was built in 2009 and seats 1000.  Both auditoriums feature a full array of lighting options, trapdoors, projection equipment, and a easy access backstage for set building and development.    

The Black Box Theatre

SCIS-PD recently finished an enormous 10,000 square foot Black Box theatre.  With black floors, walls, and ceiling tiles and a full array of programmable lights mounted around the room, this is a place where “experimental shows” can readily be brought to life.

Dance Halls

Large wooden spring-loaded dance halls are available at all schools starting at Grade 6.  These dedicated dance halls were specifically built to be versatile enough to cover all expressions of dance.  Floor to ceiling mirrors, wooden ballet rails, mounted aerial circus cloths…all can be found here.

Art Studios

Dedicated art studios exist for all Lower School’s, Middle School’s, and High School’s.  Materials are on hand and readily available for students to express themselves through whatever medium their artistic vision requires. Painting canvases, charcoal stations, pottery kilns, digital photography workstations, ceramic papers, sketching pencils….SCIS seeks to always provide students with opportunities. 

Strength and Conditioning “Weight Room”

All upper school’s are equipped with strength and conditioning centers, also known as “weight rooms.”  While each school’s center is slightly different (SCIS-PD has a crossfit style gym and SCIS-HQ has a more traditional weight room) all of them have experienced fitness coaches ready to help students achieve their goals.

Rock Climbing Wall

SCIS-HQ has a 30 foot high Indoor Rock Climbing complex.  With three different top rope belays and multiple different leveled routes, it provides a thrilling outlet for those yearning for the outdoors.