Performing and Visual Arts



Art activities may be related to topics covered in other disciplines, developed as a response to a specific experience, or inspired by a particular style, technique, and/or culture.  Students are given opportunities to use a range of processes and media while studying the techniques and styles of famous artists and genres. In addition, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of art from different periods and cultural heritages.  Bottom line: our fully equipped studios reflect our standing as one of the top international schools in China.   Painting canvases, charcoal stations, pottery kilns, digital photography workstations…we have what you need to bring your art to life.

Why walk through life when you can dance through it?  Students are able to study many different kinds of dance in our purpose-built dance studios.  Dance survey classes are available to walk students through the basics of many different styles from ballet to breakdancing.  As students progress, they can pursuer individual passions both in class and outside of class through dance teams, cheerleading, and art performances.

Music, it is said, serves as a window onto other cultures because it offers a channel for self-expression that is not dependent on English language proficiency.  Specialist music teachers offer students a rich music program, which seeks to foster in students an appreciation of musical concepts and traditions. The music curriculum uses the truly international cultural diversity of the school as a springboard for studying different musical styles and forms, past and present, including those of our host country.  

The drama program offers students a range of opportunities to perform on or off stage, in formal settings and less formal circumstances.  The culmination of the drama experience for most students is the end of semester/year drama productions in the auditorium.  For other students though, they might choose to create a smaller custom show in one of our large Black Box theatres.  Either way, SCIS promises to pull together as a community to put on one heck of a show.