Lower School Highlights

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Making memories…

While classes, friends, sports, and the arts form the backbone of lower school, there are a few special events that happen throughout the year.  Click through below to see some of the highlights Lower Schoolers experience at SCIS.

Halloween Parade

Who doesn’t like dressing up!?  At the end of October, students and teachers alike have a day to ditch their school uniform and dress up as creatively as they can.  Human IPODS can be seen on campus.  Sightings of The Avengers and Justice League superheroes are common.  And prince’s and princesses come to life.  It is a day not to be missed!

Girl Scouts

No matter where you are in the world, there is always a girl scout troop.  In Shanghai, “Brownie” Girls Scouts can be found meeting regularly for campouts, walkathons, barbeques, career days, and world thinking days.

Invention Convention

Started in 2003, the Invention Convention continues to bring together all of our school’s students to showcase their creativity at solving problems that they find in their daily lives.  From Automatic Tray’s to Magnet Wheel Electricity and from QM Travel Pillows to Snow Melting Paint, students continually find creative solutions to life problems.

Chinese New Year

What better way to celebrate our host culture than through a huge Chinese New Year assembly?  Students participate through traditional customs and dress and also get the chance to watch professional troupes perform shows.

Swim Festival

As part of the physical education program, all students are involved in swimming lessons.  At the culmination of the swim unit, a friendly competition is held in the pool.  Races, water games, and smiles make it more than an event; they make it a festival.

Field Day

Twice a year, the whole school comes together for a fun Field Day.  Important life lessons like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership are learned as students participate in a variety of age appropriate challenges and games.

UN Day

The United Nations is an organization that recognizes and appreciates cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  It promotes positive coloration of all nations and peoples of the world to work constantly towards world peace.  SCIS can be considered to be like in a mini United Nations.  Here we have the wonderful diversity of over 60 nationalities represented.  We grow and learn from each other, share our heritages, and experience new adventures together in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing fields.

One of the favorite ways to share everyone’s culture is through FOOD.  While the UN Day flag parade, the cultural presentations, and the dances are beloved, the highlight for most is all the delicious food found in the International Food Festival.